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We are a heart-centered, data-driven communications agency, supporting meaningful connections to mission-driven founders and their audience. We represent a wide variety of clients across wellness, social impact, and the music industries.

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What is burning deep
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the outside world.

Our approach

Successful communication plans require truth, storytelling, authenticity, impact, empathy, and soul.

At Inside/Outside we create public relations rollouts, digital marketing plans, aligned brand partnerships, trend analysis, and experiential content to reach the right audience, build brand awareness, and make a true impact.

We are for you if your work is here to make the world a more empowered place.

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The process


We start by exploring a holistic and deeper understanding of your business mission, vision, values, and goals. With a nourishing foundation, we prepare to grow your story from the Inside/Out.


We explore and present the best platforms, partners, opportunities, and integrated communications strategies to drive brand awareness and build loyalty for your business.


We craft an authentic story and long-term strategy that’s in line with your company's mission and metrics while establishing the vision in the current cultural landscape.


At this stage impactful stories, headlines, and content matters, strategic marketing campaigns unfold, brand voice expands, and actionable goals are set in motion.


We monitor and present creative insights and data for the best results and continued expansion of your company’s story, strategy, and deep rooting in the current landscape.

30 minutes to transformation

As a Creative Communications Partner, Inside/Outside offers unique insights on how best to bring your message into the world. Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to explore where you might be needing extra support when it comes to your business or brand. We’ll thoroughly discuss where best to focus your communications, brand, marketing, and content creation strategy to most efficiently, effectively, and thoughtfully grow your brand/business.

As the founder of Inside/Outside, I would love to get to know YOU while helping you get clear on your creative messaging. By exploring your story with me, we are able to harness the inner workings of your inner ethos to be shared in meaningful ways with the outside world. After our call together you will have 3 key takeaways that will bring you closer to building your communications strategy with more clarity, strategy, and insight.

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Lindsay Herr photo

Meet Lindsay

For 9 years, as a public relations specialist, music manager, brand partnerships lead, and experiential content producer, I have helped founders, creatives, brands, and purpose-driven leaders tell their stories. Throughout various industries and personalities, one theme remained true, I have always been called on to help my clients elevate their mission and amplify positive change in the world.

4 years ago my personal story shifted, I found myself curating content at the intersection of personal development and planetary change. My interests and work expanded while my passion for the healing arts, global issues, and social impact industries took center stage. My work is rooted in deep purpose, intention, and creative storytelling for the greater good.

I am a communicator, educator, and storyteller at heart. I specialize in working with clients that are committed to the betterment of their communities. Together we focus our efforts on personal transformation for the well-being of the collective. As a Creative Communications Partner, I believe socially conscious businesses need a louder voice and creative strategy to grow and scale their influence.

My deeply curious nature through multimedia industries has led me down a path that allows me to share my intuitive insights and thoughtful perspectives to understand what moves you from the Inside/Out. I’ve studied with the best at Boston University, trained with Tara Brach, and enhanced my expertise at NYU with Scott Galloway in the Inner work and Outer work, to guide you to take the necessary actions for your business, brand, and personal growth.

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